Hi! My name is Moni and I'm a graphic designer based in Portland, OR. I have a  passion for creating with a focus on brand identity, user experience and interface design, and videography. I studied Digital Communication Arts at Oregon State University and am proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud and various design software. I am skilled in graphic design, UX/UI, videography, photography, VR, AR, media management, social media, HTML, CSS, and 2D/3D motion graphics. I am passionate about creating unique and engaging brand identities and visual systems and I understand the importance of creating intuitive branding for clients and their users.
In my free time I like to fly my drone, make videos, and create memes. I also enjoy trying new foods with friends, going on hikes, and experimenting with cooking. Right now, I'm teaching myself about molecular gastronomy and building a website to share my cooking experiments. If you're looking for someone passionate about creating unique and engaging content, I'd love to talk!
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