I volunteered to work with the Benton Girl Scout Day Camp and create their summer 2019 camp logo. This branding was created for student and staff shirts, as well as an embroidered patch. I created five different logo mockups for the client to choose from over the course of a week. After the client chose their preferred design I made additional changes to the logo as requested. 
Logo Mockups 
The theme focuses on Outdoor Prep and Survival, with the catchphrase “Ready. Set. Go!” Unit names are associated with the theme. For the outdoor survival theme, each of the camp units will be one of the 10 camping essentials/systems including:
• Navigation (compass, map, GPS...)
• Sun Protection (sunglasses, sunscreen...)
• Insulation (extra clothes, space blanket...)
• Illumination (flashlight, headlamp…)
• 1st-Aid Supplies
• Fire (matches, flint & steel…)
• Repair Kit & Tools (duct tape, knife, scissors)
• Nutrition/Food
• Water
• Shelter
I used Adobe Illustrator to come up with five logos. The client's choice was a Swiss Army knife I created with various camping essentials such as SPF, knife, match, flashlight, and Band-Aid. 
Final T-Shirt Design
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