Okay. But like who am I?

What? No way! You actually clicked this! Thank you for taking an interest in me. I promise to be so humble and take this very seriously. Come along with me on this journey to discovering who I am.
I never know how to answer that question. Like should I start from the beginning and tell you my life story? Or should I tell you what I enjoy doing in my free time, or what my beliefs and aspirations are? 
I could tell you I LOVE cats, traveling and sushi. But that's not really getting to know me, if anything that's a Tinder bio. Although, traveling with a cat while eating sushi does sound like the perfect day. 
You know who else likes food and travel? Everyone else.
My name is Mónika (Mo-nee-ka) Kovács, but I go by Moni (Mo-nee). 
I guess I'll give you a little bit of a backstory. 

I write this knowing that 64 years ago a bag of cement determined my existence. Confused? Let me elaborate. My grandparents came to the US as refugees during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Speaking no English they were asked what city they would like to start their new life in. My grandpa recognized the city "Portland" saying "Portland! I know them, they make the best cement". 
I was born and raised in Portland, OR, by two very loving, caring and embarrassing parents, Steve and Agi. I have one brother, Botond and a cat named Sylvester. 
In elementary school 
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